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Child Fund 

Assisting any child in need with school supplies, clothing or eye glasses. 


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Past President's Project

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Mission & Goals

The Vivian Banks Charter School (VBCS) is a learning community committed to the cultural awareness, social and physical development and intellectual growth of each student. It establishes a learning environment that fosters respect for self and others, responsibility and consideration of others, and enables students to meet present needs and future challenges in a complex, changing society.


The VBCS student will lead our community, region, state and nation in the 21st century. As educated adults able to produce high-quality goods and services for the future economy, they must:

  • Maintain physical and mental fitness, thinking critically and creatively.

  • Produce and receive communication in all its present and future forms, whether working cooperatively with others or individually.

  • Understand their meaningful roles in social groups large and small, actively participating in the democratic process.

  • Apply present and future technologies with confidence, as tools to create work products.

Internalize a self-disciplined work ethic that motivates them to be lifelong learners.

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