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Our Advocacy Support Fund

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 Assists individuals with emerging needs when support is not otherwise available

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The Three Amigos



The Foundation for Senior Care

is a non-profit organization committed to supporting older adults as they age, independently and happily.  One of their core services is Care Advocacy.

The first thing to note about the Senior Care Advocate Program is that it is truly one-on-one. The case managers seek to treat each client with dignity and respect, and as such they view their advocacy in conversational terms. The case managers sit down with the client to talk things out, to listen, and to offer solutions where possible. They meet with individuals in their homes, ensuring confidentiality and discretion.

In advocating for seniors, they are happy to work with them on any number of issues related to the aging process. They provide resources where they can. When they can help in-house, they gladly do so, but they also have key partnerships with other community organizations, like ours, allowing them to offer a wider range of solutions.


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