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Purse Project
Updated 1/3/2020


This is an ongoing project.  Your donations will be accepted until June 2020. Thank you


Service Project (Bev York, Chairman)  The Purse Project

I’m honored to serve as District Chairman for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention for 2018-2020.

For our first project I’ve chosen GFWC’s Signature Program, “The Purse Project,whose mission is to help victims of domestic violence get through the first difficult days after they’ve escaped by providing them with purses or tote bags filled with personal or travel-size items. These can include soaps, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair care items, first-aid supplies, sanitary pads, lotion, perfume samples, jewelry, a scarf, small book, notepad and pen — the list is endless.

If you’ve ever evacuated due to wildfire or other emergency, you know how easily the daily necessities are overlooked when packing in a hurry. Women in domestic violence shelters have escaped (often with their children) in a hurry, too, in fear for their lives. Since more than half bring children with them, you might want to include things for children, including small toys.

It’s a simple project. If you have a new or gently used purse or tote bag you’d like to donate, bring it to your club meetings and invite other members to help you fill it. If you don’t have a purse to donate, you can bring small useful items (remember those hotel amenities you brought back from your trip and dumped in a drawer?) to fill someone else’s. Some members choose to fill a purse themselves and that is very much appreciated. But this is a group project so bringing things to donate is equally important.

BWC Members - Bring your purses (filled or not) to a BWC meeting.  When you have a purse and/or personal toiletries to donate, please leave them on the long table near the podium. 

This is an ongoing project.  Your donations will be accepted until June 2020. Thank you


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