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Goals & Charitable Projects
Updated 12/29/2018


BWC members volunteer thousands of hours to raise funds and also give hands-on assistance in special areas that we feel are in need and/or of benefit to the community. 

Associated Memberships.  Many members are involved on their own with Fallbrook Hospice, the Angel Society, Crime Watch, Boys and Girls Clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Bonsall Union School District, the Humane Society and the Women's Resource Center.  Because they are affiliated, they are able to bring to the club's attention a better realization of what these organizations need to operate in a meaningful way and how we can help.


GFWC Goals.  The General Federation of Womens Clubs (GFWC) gives us six divisions--Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, Public Affairs and International Affairs--to work within.  Under those divisions, we have several departments projects plus standing committee activities to delve into that suit the members' interests and are of benefit to our specific community. 


*    Arts.   BWC participates in the CFWC/GFWC Arts Festival every year with members exhibiting their crafts, sewing, literature, drama, music, photography and paintings at the Palomar District Convention.  Much to the delight of the membership, many members have been blessed with some incredibly wonderful talent in some of these areas that they share with us. Best of Show winners are submitted at the CFWC Convention.   BOS winners at that convention go on for competition at the GFWC Convention.  Imagine being in competition with all the clubs in the U.S.  Lucky us, more than a few times we've won at the national level.   

      Many of our members are top-notch artists.  One member's short story went on to win a GFWC literary award.  A long-time member also became a gifted oil paint artist under our very noses and regularly wins first place awards at the Palomar District Arts Festival and CFWC.  A couple of our talented club photographers' beautiful photos were printed in GFWC's annual calendars.  

BWC members go all out to encourage local youth and adult musical, drama and literary groups (KOPA, FBHS, C.A.S.T., VOICE, Fallbrook Music Society, etc.).  They receive monetary donations, and some of them share their wonderful talent with us at our meetings and functions. 


*    Conservation.   The club undertakes several projects in this category, including resource conservation, beautification, environmental issues, and safety.  

Adopt-a-Road is a program in which BWC members participate several times a year to clean up trash along one of Bonsall's heavily traveled roads.  

      A committee was formed to preserve, restore and obtain a designation of a State Historic Site for the original Bonsall Schoolhouse.  It was the first meeting place of our club when it was formed in 1980.  

      A newer project is animal protection.   The club donates to Tender Loving Canines (helps disabled persons), the Escondido Humane Society (rescues, shelters and provides foster/permanent homes for all ages and all kinds of animals from reptiles to horses), the Animal Rescue Sanctuary and The Dog Rescue Program (accepts dogs abandoned, abused, neglected, needing placement, and medically treats, neuters, micro chips and evaluates them for adoption placement).  For the latter program, members have donated food and hundreds of towels and blankets for these special friends.


*    Education.   From leadership, to scholarship, to just plain old literacy, the club has a keen interest in seeing that children up through adults are provided every assistance possible to help them compete on a fair playing field.  Members donate books to the Fallbrook Library, and the club also donated funds to help build a new Fallbrook Library.  Several members volunteer there.

      Four $1,000 scholarships are awarded to Fallbrook, Ivy, and Oasis  students.  BWC donates to The Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation (HOBY)  and each year selects a high school student with outstanding  leadership qualities to attend the HOBY Leadership Conference.  Student of the Month is another much admired project in Fallbrook that BWC supports.


*     Home Life   Good health, having enough to eat, and proper shelter aren't always so easy to obtain for some people.  We try to give them the boost they need to get these basic needs and improve their lot in life.  In the past, For the annual Christmas Food Drive, BWC joined with the Bonsall Chamber to collect and give food to needy families.  BWC now has a special Secret Santa project on which to concentrate.

      When San Diego County wild fires burned down homes and displaced families, the club adopted two fire victim families and helped them with donations, delivering some new appliances and repairs.  BWC continues to donate large quantities of clothing and other items to Brother Benno's, the Angel Shop, and the Women's Resource Center, Dress for Success, and Casa de Amparo.  

More recently BWC has concentrated on providing nearby Camp Pendleton service members with formal attire for its annual ball. 

An even newer project is Spread the Love at Bonsall Elementary School.  A large donation from BWC helped PTA volunteers puchase 80 backpacks containing school supplies, snacks, hygiene items, socks, scarves, gloves and knit hats.  Ongoing are the monthly collections from members of monetary donations and items to fulfill the need for toiletries, socks and healthy canned protein foods and snacks.


      BWC Members made bibs for the John Glenner Alzheimer's Center and a new seniors' day-care center in Fallbrook.  Members also made 105 Breast Cancer Pillows for the Jr. Women's project, made "No, No" Bands that are given to Operation Smile Family,  and for the Women's Resource Center made Baby's Warm and Cozy snuggly things, and knitted and crocheted squares and put together afghans.  Many other hand-made crafts by BWC's Crafts Group are for sale at BWC's annual fundraising events.


*    Public Affairs.  Crime prevention is a major interest.  Safety and shelter for battered women and homeless people are of primary concern to us. If any information needing public attention comes in from the Sheriff's Department, the club's Crime Prevention chairman brings the important information to club members' attention.  Alerts regarding identity theft and gang activity have been especially important.  

      Aluminum can tabs are collected for the Ronald McDonald House which sells them to a foundry.  (Just 1,274 tabs make a pound.)  These funds help support families of critically ill children.  Campbell Soup labels are collected which helps schools earn merchandise and software.  Monetary assistance and grocery coupons are given to Camp Pendleton service families.  Proceeds from scrip and grocery receipts are placed in the general fund for distribution to needy causes.


*    International Affairs.   We're always looking for members who will take an interest in this area and become chairman.  In the past, we've helped some exchange students.  They, in turn, have presented to BWC members some very interesting talks about the country they went to, their experience as an exchange student, and some interesting and humorous situations that happened to them while there.


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