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Updated 9/12/2019


Arlene Rutherford, BWC President, 2018-2019
Theme:  "Serving our community while making friends and having fun"




Beatriz Liner- 1st Vice President, Dean of Chairmen

Sydne Gilbert - 2nd Vice President, Membership

Peggy Durling - 3rd Vice President, Programs

Laurie Criscenti - 4th Vice President, Ways and Means

Mary Jane Poulter - Recording Secretary

Jackie Nolff - Treasurer

Diane Trappen - Corresponding Secretary
Marlene Rantanen - Parliamentarian

Diane Trappen - President's Advisor 

Barbara Hartloff - Hospitality

Gail Golden -  Public Relations

Diane Trappen - Newsletter
Geri Sides - Sunshine



A Little Background.  Bonsall Woman's Club originally evolved from a bridge group.  A pert little Irish lass named La Verne Conrad moved to Bonsall in the late '70s from North Hollywood, CA, where she was a member of the North Hollywood Women's Club.  At that time, Bonsall was mostly avocado groves, farms, horse property, back roads and empty rolling hills.  It could get pretty lonely out there, so La Verne and a few other ladies who lived in this rural area somehow got together to play bridge.  La Verne invited them to go to the Vista Woman's Club.  Not long after that, the women decided that Bonsall should have its own woman's club. 



Becoming Federated. At the first meeting, held at the old Bonsall Schoolhouse on January 16, 1980, twenty-two ladies gathered to form Bonsall Woman's Club and fill the various offices.  The club was federated with the General Federation of Women's Club (GFWC) and the California Federation of Women's Club (CFWC) on February 15, 1980, making it a member of the largest and most effective international organization of women in the world that promotes education, civic, welfare and social work.



Community and Other Life Enriching ActivitiesMajor areas of interest to the club--where we strive to help people have a better life and help provide a great community in which to live--include education, home life, conservation, public affairs and arts. 

·       We sponsor scholarships and provide leadership opportunities.

·       We work to beautify our environment.                      

·       We make it a priority to help our youth, elderly and needy through financial aid and personal service.

·      We encourage creative talents (art, music, sewing, crafts, photography, literature) within the community and ourselves. 

·      BWC is a member of both the Bonsall and Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce and often times joins forces with other community organizations to further causes that benefit the community.



Bonsall Woman's Club

P.O. Box 545

Bonsall, CA 92003


E-mail:  BonsallWomansClub@gmail.com